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The versatility of Norway will take your breath away, whether north or south of the Arctic Circle. With snow-covered glaciers, unique landscapes, thundering waterfalls, jagged mountain ridges, and captivating traditions and myths - or are you a Gourmet on a culinary trip?

The rocky slopes rise imposingly against the bright blue sky, often densely overgrown and pristine. Landscapes are full of contrasts, which are reflected in the calm waters. The kilometer-long fjords often shape Norway's image in the world. Cruise ships follow these unique waterways along with breathtaking natural scenery. But Norway's nature has even more to offer than the scenic fjords with high mountains, plateaus, glaciers, lake landscapes, or the sea coast.

During winter, you not only have the chance to marvel at the colorful northern lights in the sky, but you can also do many other activities such as dog sledding, skiing, winter hiking, or even whale watching. 

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Get comfortable in a RIB-Boat and explore one of the most spectacular fjords in the world on a Fjord Safari. Embark on an epic cruise on a luxury sailing boat or crab a kayak to admire towering mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and with a bit of luck, even seals and porpoises.

Fjords up and close

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Scandinavian glass cabin igloo in viking style with that little extra bit of luxury. Wonderful scenery and panorama views out of your super comfortable bed or private hot tub.

Built on an 800-year-old lava flow just a 20-minute drive from Keflavik Airport, the Retreat Hotel—which just opened in April 2018—is an ideal first or last stop on a trip through Iceland. Thanks to sophisticated design collaboration between Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia

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