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Vast forests, deep blue lakes, and quaint cottages - are these the images that come to your mind when thinking of Sweden?

The Scandinavian country, with its thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, delights with a wide range of offers. Exceptional accommodations, from rustic to luxurious, vibrant cities, endless expanses, natural beauty, and small wonders; you can experience it all in Sweden.

In Swedish Lapland, you'll meet more reindeer than people and find a round-the-clock tundra landscape that promises deep relaxation. The life-affirming mentality of the Swedes finds its expression in summer log cabin vacations, where you can spend the whole day eating, bathing, playing, or reading your favorite Swedish Novel.

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Did you ever dine under the open sky? The recipes come from top chefs such as Niklas Ekstedt or Jacob Holmström, Multi award-winning Michelin-starred chefs who run established and internationally known restaurants in Stockholm, which are known for their affection for the Swedish wilderness. 

Open-air dining amidst Sweden's
vivid nature

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Scandinavian glass cabin igloo in viking style with that little extra bit of luxury. Wonderful scenery and panorama views out of your super comfortable bed or private hot tub.

Built on an 800-year-old lava flow just a 20-minute drive from Keflavik Airport, the Retreat Hotel—which just opened in April 2018—is an ideal first or last stop on a trip through Iceland. Thanks to sophisticated design collaboration between Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia

Unique stays

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Image by Thomas Langnes


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