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Luxury Travel partner in Scandinavia
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Nordic Inspiration is a boutique DMC offering bespoke travel experiences in a unique Nordic region. We help you create meaningful, experience-rich & authentic travel programs for your well-traveled, demanding and adventurous travelers around the world!

In Nordic Inspiration, we believe that a  well-lived life is rich in meaning and purpose. We believe that what we do and experience is more important than what we have. We help people unlock their lives' vast potential with inspirational, fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful travel experiences. Check out our destinations here.


Liivi Köönvere and Bruno Van den Bossche, the founders of Nordic Inspiration, have more than 20 years of collective experience in fulfilling the travel dreams of discerning and adventurous travelers. We are highly skilled in collaborating with luxury travel designers across the world to create tailor-made, authentic, and exclusive journeys for their clients.  We have a deep understanding of the luxury travel market and the needs of our B2B clients. Whether you're a travel agent, corporate event planner, or concierge service, we work closely with you to create bespoke, high-end experiences that will impress your clients and exceed your business goals.

With our extensive local knowledge and expertise, we offer a wide range of luxury services, including bespoke tours, corporate events and incentives, & leisure travel. From exclusive access to iconic landmarks and hidden gems to premium transportation and exceptional dining experiences, we ensure that every aspect of clients' journeys is tailored to their specific requirements.
We are constantly researching and exploring new travel opportunities in the remarkable Nordic region so that we can make our mutual guests fall in love with “the northern lands” together! Contact us today to start planning your next luxury journey with Nordic Inspiration. Let us show you the best of the Nordic countries in style and comfort.
Nordic Inspiration


Nordic Inspiration

Van den Bossche

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